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SportsGyaan is an online sports portal which brings latest sports news, schedules, live scores, previews and reports. The portal covers most of the sports that are played around the globe the reason being, their tagline ‘we love sports like no one else does!’. SportsGyaan is all about living each and every sport. You will enjoy exploring SportsGyaan.

SportsGyaan Team :

SportsGyaan Team is based in India. The team promises to deliver the best content available. They work hard for covering major Sports News so that you won’t miss the essence of every news.

Suresh Choudhary

Suresh Choudhary, Sportsgyaan CEO, Sportsgyaan Founder, Blogger, SureshSuresh Choudhary is founder of Sportsgyaan. From the childhood he loved sports. But unfortunately study took him away from the game. He started working professionally in this industry since 2014. He has an engineering expertise with sound knowledge of technicalities. He is a chief editor at SportsGyaan.



Shreetej Purandare

Shreetej Purandare Professionl Blogger & EntrepreneurBeing the Co-founder of SportsGyaan, Shreetej Purandare enjoys working at the technical end, Content Marketing and Optimisation of the Sports Portal. He has pursued engineering and has 4 years experience in Digital Marketing. Apart from the professional life, he is extreme Foody, Guitar Lover, Cricket freak and likes to explore digitally.

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