Triple H becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion

This is the first time in history that WWE World Heavyweight Championship was defended in the Royal Rumble. Here we are going to provide you WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Results.

Triple H’s shocking arrival as the bout’s final entrant spelled the end for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Reigns who was forced to defend his title from the No. 1 position. Fighting uphill the entire time in this “One Versus All” encounter, Reigns started off strong, dumping No. 2 entrant Rusev in less than two minutes, but he had no way to prepare for the man who entered third — AJ Styles.

Triple H becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Order of entry

1. Roman Reigns (eliminated by Triple H)
2. Rusev (eliminated by Roman Reigns)
3. AJ Styles (eliminated by Kevin Owens)
4. Tyler Breeze (eliminated by Roman Reigns and AJ Styles)
5. Curtis Axel (eliminated by Styles)
6. Chris Jericho (eliminated by Dean Ambrose)
7. Kane (eliminated by Braun Strowman)
8. Goldust (eliminated by Titus O’Neil)
9. Ryback (eliminated by Big Show)
10. Kofi Kingston (eliminated by Chris Jericho)
11. Titus O’Neil (eliminated by Big Show)
12. R-Truth (eliminated by Kane)
13. Luke Harper (eliminated by Brock Lesnar)
14. Stardust (eliminated by Luke Harper)
15. Big Show (eliminated by Braun Strowman)
16. Neville (eliminated by Luke Harper)
17. Braun Strowman (eliminated by Brock Lesnar)
18. Kevin Owens (eliminated by Sami Zayn)
19. Dean Ambrose (eliminated by Triple H)
20. Sami Zayn (eliminated by Braun Strowman)
21. Erick Rowan (eliminated by Brock Lesnar)
22. Mark Henry (eliminated by Braun Strowman)
23. Brock Lesnar (eliminated by Bray Wyatt)
24. Jack Swagger (eliminated by Brock Lesnar)
25. The Miz (eliminated by Roman Reigns)
26. Alberto del Rio (eliminated by Roman Reigns)
27. Bray Wyatt (eliminated by Triple H)
28. Dolph Ziggler (eliminated by Triple H)
29. Sheamus (eliminated by Dean Ambrose)
30. Triple H (champion)

WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Results

All the results from the 29th Royal Rumble held at the Amway Center, Orlando, Florida. When Tyler Breeze joined the match at No. 4 he became the first Superstar to feel the full brunt of Styles’ acclaimed offense en route to being dumped over the top rope. Curtis Axel  a man who claimed to have never been officially eliminated from last year’s Rumble  entered fifth with his Social Outcast cohorts in tow. All four Superstars attempted to get in on the action, but it wasn’t long before Axel was ejected by Styles.

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