WWE Monday Night RAW Results
March 21, 2016
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fantastic night it was, 21 March 2016. Here we are reviewing WWE RAW Results held on 21 March 2016. This week’s edition of RAW was from Philadelphia, PA and it i was assured to be probably the greatest of bouts of WWE programming that we are now usually familiar with witness. While it wasn’t the greatest of episodes by a mile, there have been several major takeaways that integrated a new WrestleMania match as well as a big stipulation for the next.

WWE RAW Results 21 March 2016

Stephanie McMahon kicks off RAW and cuts a promo on Roman Reigns and reveals that her husband and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H isn’t in Philly tonight.

We will present every fight from WWE RAW held on 21 March 2016 here. Stephanie McMahon kicks off RAW and also cuts a promo on Roman Reigns and discloses that her spouse and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H isn’t in Philly tonight.

She is cut off by Reigns, who comes out to a mixed reaction as well as cuts a promo. He ends the segment by avoiding the trademark Stephanie slap and declared that “he is now the Authority”. A generic segment that had nothing worth getting excited about.

Stephanie McMahon comes out to boos. She says her husband won’t be here tonight and if fans want refunds, they better go get them now. She says Triple H isn’t here because he has WWE corporate responsibilities, not because of Reigns’ vicious attack last week. She goes on about Reigns and Triple H until the music hits and out comes Reigns to the stage.

[Video] Roman Reigns reminds Stephanie McMahon that he is the “authority” in WWE: Raw, March 21, 2016

Kevin Owens vs AJ Styes: WWE RAW Highlights 21 March 2016

Next up is a rematch from Smackdown as KO goes up against the Phenomenal One. Kevin Owens def. AJ Styes via pinfall with the help of a distraction from Chris Jericho. They trap up and Owens applies a side headlock as fans begin chanting for AJ. AJ at last battles out but Owens rocks the guy with elbows to the jaw and then pushes the headlock back on. Owens takes AJ to the mat now. AJ breaks free and runs the ropes for a big dropkick. Owens goes to the floor for a time outside. AJ with a moonsault from the apron but he lands on his legs. He charges and Owens launches him into the barrier as we go to commercial.

[Video] Kevin Owens vs AJ Styes Highlights

Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles Results: WWE RAW 21 March 2016

WWE RAW Results 21 March 2016: Winner of the fight between Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles is Kevin Owens. 

Big E vs Rusev: WWE RAW highlights 21 March 2016

A very decent match between the two heavyweights that saw many distractions from the LON. The Wyatt Family cut a backstage promo up next, hyping up WrestleMania and the main event of the evening. Back from the break and The League of Nations is within the ring. Sheamus discusses the beat down they provided previous weeks time and states that The New Day isn’t even with their league. We get a replay from last week. King Barrett mocks the power of positivity. Alberto Del Rio tries to get a “New Day sucks” chant going but Big E’s voice interrupts and out come the WWE Tag Team Champions.

[Video] Big E vs Rusev Highlihts

Big E vs Rusev Results: WWE RAW 21 March 2016

WWE RAW Results 21 March 2016: Winner of the fight between Big E vs Rusev is Big E

Big show comes out after hype up the Andre The Massive Memorial Battle Royal match. He’s interrupted by the Social Outcasts, who go on to approach him. Out comes the Demon Kane to make the save and clean up the ring. Big Show hugs Kane to show his appreciation, then again Kane didn’t look too amused as well as chokeslams Big Show off the top string. Next up, Michael Cole officially announces Stan Hansen’s name as the next inductee into this year’s Hall of Fame class. Big Show claims he’s been coming to Philly for more than twenty years and then he thanks them for always keeping it real. Big Show says he needs to be confident as well as believe he’s the best giant of all-time but Andre is really the greatest of all-time because he was the very first and provided the way for other giants. He states all giants strive to be similar to Andre. Show states whenever he won last year it meant a lot to him. Show comments exactly how he hasn’t won a number of challenge royals in his career and says he’s looking to be a two-time Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal champion this year. Show thanks everyone and goes to leave but The Social Outcasts interrupt.

[Video] Kane clears the ring and levels Big Show: Raw, March 21, 2016

Charlotte vs Natalya: WWE RAW highlights 21 March 2016

We go to the ring and Natalya is creating her gateway after a look back at the Charlotte, Becky and Sasha segment from SmackDown. WWE Divas Champion Charlotte is out next with Ric Flair.

Sasha and Becky argue on commentary throughout the match. Charlotte results in getting the win with a Natural Selection after a good back and forth non-title match. There wasn’t a ritualistic brawl post-match, which could be saved for the go-home edition for WrestleMania 32.

[Video] Charlotte vs Natalya Highlights

Charlotte vs Natalya results: WWE RAW 21 March 2016

Winner of the battle between Charlotte vs Natalya is Charlotte.

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