The most hyped Mauka Mauka TV Commercial advertisements that rocked during India vs Pakistan Match last year are back for T20 World Cup 2016. India has won all the 4 matches played against Pakistan and now the Indian team is going to face Pakistan for the fifth time. The new Mauka Mauka Ad has the same Maukaman who played rest of the Mauka Mauka Advertisements. The TV Commercial is worth watching and if you are an Indian Cricket fan then you will surely get a smile on your face.


New Mauka Mauka Advertisement Video

The new Mauka Mauka Advertisement video charges you up after watching it till the end. The Ad made by Starsports has yet again won million hearts by creating the new Mauka Mauka Ad and the same has gone viral yet another time. The Maukaman is shown talking to Shahid Afridi on a video call and urging him to show his famous sixer. He also reminds him of their defeat 4 times and this being the 5th time, they ought to win this time.

They have also shown the Maukaman taking the Firecrackers in hand with the hope to win this time. Talking to Shahid Afridi on video call, he tells Afridi to at least play for the younger generation that have been supporting for their win since 4 matches. Don’t refrain from watching this awesome new Mauka Mauka Ad video.

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