Virat Kohli is now trending person on the social media. He has millions of fan followers and lovers. But one of his fan, a girl proposed him on twitter. The Girl is none other than England Cricketer Danielle Wyatt. She tweeted on the twitter- “Kohli, marry, me!”


The tweets got viral and news spread like fire. People are still re-tweeting that tweet of Danielle Wyatt. ICC Womens World T20 is going on and she has arrived India to play WT20. Wyatt then got the chance to meet Virat in England, when the later went there to play a 5-match test series in 2014. It has been two years since that Wyatt’s tweet but fans continue to comment and re-tweet that tweet even today.

Danielle met Virat when he was in England to play a test series

Danielle met Virat when he was in England to play a test series

Virat Kohli’s fan, England Cricketer Danielle Wyatt arrived in India to play the World T20. Virat Kohli is one of the most wanted cricket player. He has followers, fans and lovers not only in India but all over the world. Virat Kohli once went to the England to play a test series and met Danielle Wyatt. When he played a stupendous knock against South Africa in the 2014 World T20 semi-final to guide India to the final, one such admirer proposed the man from India on her twitter handle.



England Cricketer Danielle Wyatt Who Proposed Virat Kohli arrived in India and Plan to Meet after Viart- Anushka breakup. ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2016 is starting from 15 March 2016. First Match Danielle Wyatt will play on 17 March 2016- England Women vs Bangladesh Women match.

Upon the marriage proposal, Danielle’s brother, Max Wyatt also tweeted saying joyfully that his sister and Indian sensation Virat Kohli would make a cute couple. So Danielle’s family has given a green signal. 



The 24-year-old Danielle is currently in India to play the Women’s T20 world cup for England and will definitely have another opportunity to meet the man she wanted to “marry” in 2014. Fans surely will be excited if the two players meet during the world cup.

At the time of proposal Virat was already committed to Anushka Sharma but now after Virat-Anushka breakup it would be a worthy sight to watch what Virat does over this matter. For more updates stay tuned with us.

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