In women’s Vault in the Artistic Gymnastics, Dipa Karmakar has become the first athlete to have qualified in the Artistic Gymnastics final in Rio Olympics which will be held on 14 August, 2016. After two disappointing days at the Rio Olympics for India, Dipa Karmakar enlightened the hopes of the nation of winning a Gold Medal for India. Dipa Karmakar recorded her name as the 1st Indian national to reach the apparatus Final in artistic Gymnastics. She qualified after finishing 8th in 2 vaults with qualifying score summing up as 14.850.

Dipa Karmakar scored 15.100 on the first vault through her Prodonova and later on her second the Tsukahara, she scored 14.860 that consisted 6.000 score for difficulty and scored 8.860 in execution.

Including total 5 subdivisions, she qualified in the top 8. At the end of 3 subdivisions, Dipa Karmakar was on the 6th position and her qualification was totally relied on the performances from gymnasts from Canada, USA, Russia and Japan.

In the four rotations, Karmakar’s scores were designated as 14.850 in Vault, 11.666 in Uneven Bars, 12.866 in Balance beam and 12.033 in Floor. She ended up with an average score of 51.665 and achieved overall 28th position. She failed to qualify for other categories by a considerable distance, she managed to get her name included in the Vault.

Dipa Karmakar gold medal Rio olympics 2016 gymnastics vault

Dipa Karmakar Indian Gymnast

Dipa needed a score of 14.850 to qualify in last 8, however in the 1st vault, she achieved a score of 15.100 on the Produnova. She accepted that this was not her best execution and she had executed well than the present in the practice that she had done. She did a deep landing, but it was lower than we have seen it before. For her 2nd vault, she opted for the Tsuk double full twist with a step to the side that made her grab the score of 14.600.

Canada’s Shallon Olsen was the only gymnast from the last subdivision who made it in the top 8. This gave the assurance on Dipa Karmakar’s inclusion in Top 8 finalists of vault gymnastics of Rio Olympics 2016.

The final is scheduled to be held on August 14 and is expected to start at 11 pm (IST).

Gymnasts Qualified for Final :

Rank Athlete Country Score
1. Simon Biles USA 16.050
2. Un Jong Hong North Korea 15.683
3. Guilia Steingruber Switzerland 15.266
4. Maria Paseka Russia 15.049
5. Oksana Chusovitana Uzbekistan 14.999
6. Shallon Olsen Canada 14.950
7. Yan Wang China 14.949
8. Dipa Karmakar India 14.850

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