Copa America 2016 Schedule IST| Download Copa America Centenario 2016 Fixture Indian Time And Live Streaming in India

Copa America 2016 starting from 4 June 2016 according to Indian Standard Time (IST). Here is the complete schedule, time table for Copa America Centenario 2016 starting from 4th June at 8.00am IST. Millions of folks are waiting for the kick off in France.

Copa America Centenario 2016 Live TV Streaming in India

Sony Kix won the Broadcasting License in India to Broadcast Copa America Centenarian Soccer Carnival. In USA, the hosting nation, Fox Sports and Uni-vision are the Official Broadcaster of Copa 2016 Centenario in English and Spanish Respectively. Sony Kix is very popular in India through IPL live Broadcasting. So now you will be able to enjoy Copa America Centenario Live TV Streaming in India.

Copa America Centenario 2016 Groups

Group A Group B Group C Group D
USA Brazil Mexico Argentina
Colombia Ecuador Uruguay Chile
Costa Rica Haiti Jamaica Panama
Paraguay Peru Venezuela Bolivia

Copa America 2016 Schedule Indian Standard Time (IST)

Copa America Centenario will start from 4 June 2016 in India. Here is the complete schedule, time table for Copa America Centenario 2016 starting from 4th June at 8.00 am IST. Millions of folks are waiting for the kick off in France. Copa America 2016 Centenario is the 45th edition of Copa America Football event. this Time, It is going to Conduct in US, Centenario. 16 Teams are participating in this event on the Occasion of completing 100 Years of Copa America. The Matches of Copa America 2016 are scheduled from June 4th and ends on June 26th. total 32 matches will be played in the entire Tournament. There are thousands of football fans in India who love to watch Copa America. So follow the Copa America 2016 Fixtures in Indian Standard Time (IST) and cheer your team.


Date Time in IST


1 04-06-2016 8:00am USA vs Colombia
2 05-06-2016 3:30am Costa Rica vs Paraguay
3 05-06-2016 6:00am Haiti vs Peru
4 05-06-2016 8:30am Brazil vs Ecuador
5 06-06-2016 3:30am Jamaica vs Venezuela
6 06-06-2016 6:30am Mexico vs Uruguay
7 07-06-2016 5:00am Panama vs Bolivia
8 07-06-2016 8:30am Argentina vs Chile
9 08-03-2016 3:30am USA vs Costa Rica
10 08-03-2016 9:00am Colombia vs Paraguay
11 09-03-2016 5:00am Brazil vs Haiti
12 09-03-2016 8:30am Ecuador vs Peru
13 10-03-2016 6:00am Uruguay vs Venezuela
14 10-03-2016 8:30am Mexico vs Jamaica
15 11-03-2016 5:30am Chile vs Bolivia
16 11-03-2016 8:00am Argentina vs Panama
17 12-03-2016 5:30am USA vs Paraguay
18 12-03-2016 7:30am Costa Rica vs Colombia
19 13-03-2016 5:00am Ecuador vs Haiti
20 13-03-2016 6:00am Brazil vs Peru
21 14-03-2016 6:30am Mexico vs Venezuela
22 14-03-2016 8:30am Uruguay vs Jamaica
23 15-03-2016 6:30am Panama vs Chile
24 15-03-2016 8:30am Argentina vs Bolivia

Copa America Centenario 2016 Quarter Final Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time (IST)

#no. Date Time in IST Match
25 17-03-2016 8:00am Group A winner  vs Group B Runner Up
26 18-03-2016 6:30am Group B Winner vs Group A Runner Up
27 19-03-2016 5:30am Group D Winner vs Group C Runner Up
28 19-03-2016 8:30am Group C winner vs Group D Runner Up

Copa America Centenario Semi Final Match Schedule in IST

#no. Date Time in IST Match
29 22-03-2016 7:30am Winner M25 vs Winner M27
30 23-03-2016 6:30am Winner M26 vs Winner M28

Copa America Centenario Final Match Schedule in IST

#no. Date Time in IST Match
31 26-03-2016 6:30am Looser M29 vs Looser M30
32 27-03-2016 6:30am Winner M29 vs Winner M30

How to watch Copa America 2016 Online Live Streaming for Free?

Millions of fans of Copa America wants to catch Live action. Here is the way how you can catch all the actions of Copa America 2016 live. There are very few options to catch Copa America Live Stream. In America the easiest will be Fox Sports Go, though it doesn’t work with all providers. You can also watch on Fox Soccer 2 Go, a subscription service that doesn’t require any TV package. You can also catch the game online via the streaming service fuboTV. In India, Sony Kix got the licence to broadcast Live Streaming of Copa America 2016.

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